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ird-india.com: Highly fake Journal

 The Institute for Research and Development India (IRD India) (http://ird-india.com) have all fake Journals named as:

1. International Journal on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering

2. International Journal on Advanced Computer Engineering and Communication Technology

3. International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering

4. International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering

5. International Journal on Research and Development – A Management Review

6. ITSI Transactions on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

7. International Journal on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

8. International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems

9. International Journal Of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology

10. International Journal Of Advanced Chemical Science and Applications

11. Advance Physics Letter


1. It is showing that Impact factor by ISI thomson reuters: (http://isi-thomsonreuters.com/journal )which is fake website made by this publisher. It is made by publisher for misleading the young researchers.

You can check original website http://thomsonreuters.com/journal-citation-reports/. This original website does not contain this fake publisher name.

2. This website is showing such that it provides research grant. But it had not provided any grant to single person. The main aim of this website to earn money by misleading the researchers.


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